Leading a horse with the tellington ttouch homing pigeonA group of TTouch practitioners learn from one another at an Advanced Training.


Tellington TTouch Method workshops provide an incredible amount of information, teach practical skills, and gives participants new ways to understand and interact with their animals, in a positive way.  Whether you are a skilled professional in your field or a life long animal lover, you will walk away with a new understanding of your dog, horse, or any other animal you work with.

Some participants choose to bring their animal and others find they are able to concentrate and learn more by working with animals at the course. Both options have their benefits and limitations but will offer many learning opportunities.

Every training has participants with varying levels of skills and experiences. The Tellington TTouch Method is such an in depth body of work that someone at their first or twenty-first training will go home with new pieces of information and layers of skill.


Trainings are offered for Companion Animals, with a focus on dogs, and Horses, around the world.  Within Canada, many workshops are offered in British Columbia , at Robyn Hood’s Icelandic Horse Farm, or  in Ontario and Quebec with Instructors Edie-Jane Eaton and Lucie LeClerc.

Check our event listings to find a training near you, or get in touch to organize a course in your hometown!



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