The Tellington TTouch Method combines decades of experience working with animals of all species, in an intuitive but logical and empathetic way.


With this wealth of experience and knowledge comes a lot of very practical and effective techniques and tips for making our relationship with animals more cooperative and enjoyable, for all parties involved.



Please enjoy this ongoing collection of information, articles, and ideas from some of our many teachers, 2 and 4 legged!


Coping with ColicSome helpful TTouch tips and techniques for what you can do to help your equine partner while you are waiting for veterinarian care.


Fourth of July Blues: Helping dogs and cats with firework phobia using TTouch.


A TTouch a Day:  An introduction to some of the 30 plus TTouch bodywork techniques to improve physical function, support well-being, and enhance overall trust and relationship.


Ten Minutes to Trust – Part 2: A continuation of simple TTouch exercises to enhance trust and relaxation.


Ten Minutes to Trust – Part 1: Robyn Hood’s tips on how you can incorporate TTouch into everyday handling.


Finding the Right Trainer:  Helping you be the advocate your animal needs.


From Fear to Feeling Safe: TTouch Transformations with a former Michael Vick dog fighting rescue.


The Balance Leash: Discover this handy technique any time you need to bring a dog back into balance.


The Lindell Sidepull: How this horse friendly bridle can encourage relaxation, responsiveness and trust.


Surefoot Equine Stability System:  Getting to know this revolutionary method for improving balance, relaxation, and performance.


Tellington TTouch at the Icelandic Horse Farm:  Attending a training at Robyn Hood’s home base.


Bodywraps from a Sensory PerspectiveA Physio therapist’s perspective on how and why TTouch Body Wraps are so effective.


Giraffe Calf Training with TTouchA fascinating case study about how the Oakland Zoo incorporated TTouch techniques.


The Balance Rein: My favorite tool for helping horses and riders work in balance and harmony.


Harnessing a Dog’s Potential : The advantage of two points of contact & the Tellington TTouch Harmony System.


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