Harmony Harness Complete System




Do you want walks with your dog to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved?  Our Harmony Dog Harness, Leash, and Handle Combo is a quick and easy way to help you and your dog achieve relaxed, loose leash walks without pain or “correction”.




The totally adjustable H Harness is perfect for everyday use and allows for two points of contact to help balance and support loose leash walking.  Robyn designed this H style harness based on Sarah Fisher’s TTouch UK model. Three buckles and attachments for two points of contact make this harness a great option for dogs and their handlers alike.  


  The Harmony Harness is made of nylon webbing. XXS are 3/8 inch wide, XS and Small are 5/8 inch wide and Medium is 3/4 inch wide.  Medium Wide, Large, and XL are 1 inch wide webbing.


A dog wears the Tellington TTouch Harmony Harness.


The Harmony Leash & Handle reduces leash pulling and helps to maintain balance and cooperation. The genius is in its simplicity. These leashes can be used with any harness that has two points of connection. Adjustable leashes in 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch nylon help to maintain balance with a sliding fleece handle. Available in multiple colors with a snap on each end. Perfect for leading with two points of contact one handed.  Learn more here.


If your dog has a very strong pulling habit, you may consider using the TTouch Connector in conjunction with this set.


Made in the Canada. Available in two lengths, 6 feet and 7 feet long, both adjustable (6 feet adjustable to 3 feet and 7 feet adjustable to 4 feet).  Sky blue and Raspberry Pink not available in size XXS or small (3/8th) width leashes.


A dog wears a Tellington TTouch Harmony Harness


* For best results that we strongly recommend this harness is used with two points of contact.


Harmony Harness System (Harness/Leash/Handle) Sizing Chart

  • Neck measurement should between the top of the sternum, below where the collar sits.


The back of the Tellington TTouch Harmony Dog Harness.

XX Small – $45.00              Neck 9 1/2″ – 12                 Barrel  11 ” – 17″

X Small – $48.50                  Neck – 12″ – 15″                 Barrel  16″ – 22″

Small – $50.75                      Neck – 13″ – 18″                 Barrel  18″ – 25″

Medium – $54.75                 Neck – 16″ – 22″                 Barrel  21″- 31″

M Wide  – $58.50                  Neck – 16″ – 22″                 Barrel  22″- 33″

 Large – $60.50                      Neck – 19 1/2″-27″             Barrel  25 1/2″ – 38″

X Large – $62.25                   Neck – 23″-34″                    Barrel  28″-46″



Additional information

Weight .415 kg
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 4 cm

Black, Green, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Raspberry Pink


XXS, XS, S, M, MWide, L, XL, XXL

Leash Length

6 ft, 7 ft

Leash/Handle Size

Small, Medium, Large

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