Surefoot Pods – Set of 2


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SURE FOOT Equine Stability Pods (set of 2)-  The most Challenging

The Pods –  a great way to see how your horse habitually weights his hoof and allows him to explore new possibilities.

Pods are 7” diameter ½ round air filled domes with nubs on the surface. They are considered an advanced SURE FOOT pad. The horse must be familiar and comfortable with standing on the other pads before attempting to use pods.

Target his hoof to the third row of nubs in order to center the hoof. As you lower the hoof allow the horse to adjust placing his hoof where he is comfortable, even if that is not on the pod. When standing on the pod the air filled dome pushes upward into the horse’s hoof.

Pods can be used in front and behind and typically used two at a time. Most often pods are used in combination with Slants in the rear and pods under the front hooves. But can also be used under all four hooves.

Pods provide information on the habitual loading of the hoof, medial or lateral side, heel, toe loading are often observed as well as medial or lateral side, heel or toe loading. Pods may roll out from under the hoof if the horse is not straight loading his weight onto the pod therefore use caution at first to see how he is loading on one hoof before adding more pods.

Rarely are there horses that progress to pods in the first session. It seems to offer some type of relief through the jaw, as the most significant horse was one who had broken her jaw prior to SURE FOOT. She stood on the pods and looked extremely comfortable both while on them and in moving afterward.

ATTENTION: Prolonged use with horses, shod and unshod hooves may damage the pods.Therefore, they are not warranted in any way.


You can learn more about the SURE FOOT Program.**


Warning: When introducing horses to the Surefoot Pods be sure they are not on cross-ties until it is clear the horse is comfortable with the pad.


Other SURE FOOT pads include:  FirmSoftMediumHard and Slant. The SURE FOOT Program can be combined with other modalities of equine bodywork and training.

To learn more go to the Murdoch Method YouTube channel, Murdoch Method, LLC Facebook page or

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the SURE FOOT instructional video before starting this program with your horse. If there is any medical issues please consult your veterinarian before beginning SURE FOOT to be sure this program is right for your horse.

Pods can be use to benefit the horse pre-exercise, post-exercise, during a training session to improve and enhance performance, recovery from injury while stall bound or in limited movement, reset proprioceptors to reestablish normal patterns of movement, calming for any breed horse in any discipline, improve overall well being of horse and owner, improve relationship between horse and owner as the owner is recognized by the horse as the one who brought the comfort.



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