Do you want to learn how to use the Tellington TTouch® Method?


Would you like to discover how you can use this method to support your cat’s overall well-being?


Are you already a TTouch® practitioner (in training) for companion animals and would you like to learn more about working with cats?


Maybe  you work with rescue or shelter cats and want to help lower their stress levels and enhance their chances of adoption.



We have great news for you! Now you can follow an online course that will provide you with knowledge about the method and lots of practical techniques and tips on how to use TTouch® with cats!



Ellen Lichteveld-Blom and Saskia Blok,  TTouch® Practitioner 2 for Companion Animals, and both specializing in working with cats, are proud to present this online course to you.


We love cats and what TTouch® can do for them, and are happy to spread this wonderful method amongst cat lovers and enrich the lives of our furry friends and enhance your relationship with them!


The course consists of 5 online live lessons through Zoom. Each lesson will be 2 hours long. In between the lessons you will have time to practice what you learned.


There will be a private Facebook group where you can post your questions, photo’s and video’s. Ellen and Saskia will be there to help you with your questions and to give you feedback.


You will learn what TTouch® is and how to use TTouch®  with cats. At the end of this course you know all the different elements of the method: you will have learned to observe your cat ‘the TTouch way’, and you will know several TTouches, how to work with tools, groundwork and enrichment for cats.


There will be an option for  certification which will require some video assessment to show a satisfactory skill level.


This course will count as an update for current Practitioners and count towards credits as a TTouch Associate.


You can enroll for this pilot for the special price of $559.00 CAD.  Because it is a pilot course, we will ask for your feedback, so we can optimize the course for the future.


We have a maximum of 12 spaces for participants. So claim your place now by enrolling here!


If you need more information, please contact us.


We hope to welcome you! Let’s get in TTouch!


Best wishes,

Ellen & Saskia








Course Format

Five, live, 2 hour lectures where you can:

  • Engage in class discussions

  • Have your questions answered

  • Practice the TTouches as you watch

  • Learn the keys to integrating TTouch with animals


Besides the lectures you get:

  • Group support through the private Facebook group, where you can also ask for help and feedback

  • Lifelong access to all materials, handouts, and videos you can use to enhance your learning

  • Suggested resources

  • Credit towards becoming a Tellington TTouch Associate or as an update for Practitioners.



When and Where



Learn From Wherever You Are Around the World.  Each class includes

 10 hours of class time via Zoom – 24/7 Lifetime access



This Program is for Everyone Searching for integrative SOLUTIONS to Help their animals:




  • Tellington TTouch Practitioners for Companion Animals, or Horses.
  • Those who’ve previously had an introduction to Tellington TTouch with animals, or people.
  • People who are totally new to Tellington TTouch.
  • Veterinarians and Vet Techs
  • Animal bodyworkers of various modalities
  • Groomers
  • Individuals working with shelter or rescue animals.
  • Anyone who wants to have a deeper connection with their cat


“Change your mind, change your animal”





Frequently Asked Questions




Who is this program for?

* This program is for newcomers, novice, as well as the experienced TTouch Practitioner.


What if I have already taken a TTouch Training, will I learn anything new?

* Yes, you will learn the most current, up to date techniques, specific to working with cats.


Does this program count to be updated as a Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner?

* Yes! Receive credit towards an update or towards your TTouch Associate status!


Can I use the Tellington TTouch Method in my current profession?

* Yes! We encourage sharing Tellington TTouch.  After just one class, most people begin applying what they have learned for their own animals and with any others they come into contact with.






This Course Includes…


  • 5 LIVE Online Lectures in a varied format of lectures, videos, diagrams, discussion and more.


  • Downloadable course materials,handouts, resources, and readings to support your learning experience.


  • Exercises


  • Class recordings can be viewed at your own pace.


  • Exclusive access to a private Tellington TTouch for Cats Facebook group where you can hang out in between classes. A place for you to receive feedback, support, swap ideas, connect, share progress, and more.


  • Feedback and support for improving your own skill level!


  • Lifetime access to the Tellington TTouch for Cats- online course materials.







Course Outline

This course consists primarily of 5 Live Zoom Webinar that will be recorded. Each lesson will be 2 hours long, the first hour we will mostly discus general info and philosophy, the second hour will be more practical and you will be shown how to do the TTouches and practice them with us. Extra course content and supplemental videos will be available through a password protected page, as well as through the private Facebook group.

The lessons will mostly be on Sunday evenings, 19:00 CET. Dates for the lessons are March 8th, March 29th, April 19th, May 3rd and Friday May 15th 2020. Lessons will be recorded, so you can replay them if you cannot make it to a live lesson!


Included in this online course are:


  • 5 live zoom sessions of 2 hours each, which will be recorded for replay or to watch later if you cannot make the live session. For a summary of the lessons, see below!
  • Handouts in pdf form after each lesson, including homework assignments and case studies
  • Feedback and mentoring for the homework and case studies
  • Membership of a private Facebook group, where you can ask your questions, share your TTouch stories. Saskia and Ellen will be there for you with feedback and coaching.


Lesson 1 Basic principles TTouch

  • Short introduction of ourselves, the outline of the course, what to expect and about homework
  • How TTouch started and developed, Linda Tellington-Jones
  • Philosophy
  • Goal of TTouch – physical, mental and emotional balance
  • Elements of the Method
  • Circular TTouches: introduction
  • Heart Hug / Belly Hug
  • Llama TTouch


Lesson 2 Cat language/approach Cats

  • Observations – Why are they important
  • What to look for: skin, eyes, ears, walking, sitting, tail, mouth, whiskers
  • Practice observation with videos of cats and photos
  • Working with cats: how to introduce yourself and things to consider
  • Containment versus Restraint
  • TTouches: Abalone, Turtle, Raccoon, TTouch mouthwork, TTouch Earwork


Lesson 3 TTouch Groundwork and Freework

  • Goal of Groundwork, Playground of Higher Learning
  • The importance of observation
  • How to set up the groundwork
  • Use of food
  • Counting game
  • Difference between TTouch Groundwork and Freework
  • TTouches: Zebra, Troika, Clouded Leopard and Lying Leopard


Lesson 4 Tools

  • Tools: why use them, how to use them and what tools to use
  • TTouching with tools
  • How TTouch can help to prepare your cat for nail clipping and grooming
  • TTouches: Tarentula pulling the Plough, Chimp TTouch, Python lift, Hairslides


Lesson 5 In depth TTouch Bodywork / TTouches

  • Types of TTouches – circular, stroking/sliding, lifting
  • 9 elements of TTouch
  • Review of all the learned TTouches
  • Q&A of questions that have come up in the group



About Your Teachers


Saskia Blok


Saskia has always had a connection with animals, especially with cats, big or small, and has an interest in behavior and wellbeing of animals.


After a career in nursing she eventually followed her heart and volunteered a few times at wildlife rescue centers in South-Africa. This made her heart sing!


Back home she searched for trainings to work with animals and found TTouch. This really connected with her, and how she wants to relate to and work with animals, and their people.


In 2009 she started the trainings, partly in the Netherlands and partly in the UK, and graduated in 2013. Since then she is offering TTouch workshops and private sessions to animal owners and -professionals. Mostly for cats, of course, but also for dogs and rabbits.


She lives together with her cat Tobias, who is really a TTouch junky, and always willing to try new stuff, like groundwork and food puzzles.


Now as a Companion Animal Practitioner 2 it is her pleasure to teach this online TTouch for cats course, together with Ellen, and help more people understand cats better, and give them the tools to connect with them in this wonderful way.

Besides TTouch Saskia also works with essential oils and remedies following the principles of Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy and she teaches Brainwork with cats.


You can connect with her through Facebook:



Ellen Lichteveld-Blom


Ever since she was a child, Ellen loved animals. She always had a special connection with cats. She first tried to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming a process engineer, but soon found out that this was nothing for her.

In 2004 she decided to follow her heart and childhood dream and start working with animals. She retrained in holistic veterinary medicine, where she got introduced to the Tellington TTouch® method and fell instantly in love with it. She started the official TTouch training to become a practitioner in 2009.

Ellen lives in the Netherlands, together with her 3 cats (Berlioz, Sidney and Bob), dog Angel and last (but not least) husband Eric.

She is a TTouch practitioner 2 for Companion Animals and loves giving TTouch workshops for cats (and dogs) in the Netherlands after she qualified as a P1 in 2012. She also is a certified TTouch for You Practitioner for Wellness.

Besides TTouch, she teaches online courses in Animal Communication, Healing and Bach Flower remedies. You can visit her on Facebook: or on Instagram @ellenanimalwisecoaching





Questions? Please get in TTouch.


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