The Tellington Method encompasses bodywork, groundwork and ridden work for an integrative approach to improving behaviour, posture, balance and proprioception and overall performance and trust.


The techniques are easy to learn, practical, intuitive and hands on.  The combination of attitude, observational techniques, bodywork, groundwork, ridden exercises, and equipment can be used as a whole or in parts and work as a “tool box” of skills rather than a set recipe for every scenario.


For over 40 years, the Tellington Method has been taught in hands-on clinics.


The Distant Learning Modules have been written to give a strong foundation in the Tellington work.  It has been driven by need to provide alternative learning options for people who are unable to attend Clinics.


It also forms part of the training required for those people who would like to be a Certified Practitioner, especially in areas where access to Clinics is limited.


Robyn Hood uses TTouch tail work before a ride



The Distant Learning Modules consist of – 


  • 7 Live Zoom Webinar Lectures with a Senior Tellington TTouch Method Instructor for horses
  • Reading
  • Study questions
  • Case Studies
  • Exercises
  • Videos
  • Email and video feedback
  • Private Facebook Group Discussion Page


Articles and videos will be supplied as part of the program and you will also have free access to all the archived digital newsletters since 2007.



Tellington TTouch groundwork for horsesPractitioner Option


There are 1000’s of Practitioner in over 35 countries worldwide.


To achieve Certification as a Practitioner on the traditional track, you need to attend at minimum of 4 x 6 Day clinics, achieve a competent skill level and submit 10 case studies.


This Distance Learning, Online, module allows for a reduced number of hands on hours and an improved structure of feedback, support, and instruction regardless of location.


To be Certified as a Practitioner via the Distance Learning Track you will need to complete:


  • 7 Distant Learning Modules
  • 12 cumulative days of hands on instruction* (previous experience can count) from an approved teacher
  • 10 Case Studies
  • Video Evaluation submissions
  • Written assessment questions


*Special consideration can be made for those is remote areas or countries without scheduled trainings


Requirements must be completed within 2 years.  Final Certification is skill based.  Completion of the requirements does not guarantee certification.


Ground driving a horse at the Starting Young Horse Clinic with Tellington TTouch


The workshops follow a more structured format, specifically for Practitioners in Training as opposed to the free-flowing Clinics normally offered.


If you have previously attended a Clinic or Workshop with Robyn Hood or another qualified person, it may a be classed as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Robyn will assess RPL on a case by case basis.


In addition to completing the above requirement you must be able to demonstrate a basic competency in skills and be able to guide a person one-on-one.



Non-Practitioner Option


For those that do not want to be Practitioner at this stage or simply want a structured learning program for your own development, you can purchase the Distant Learning Modules and work through them at your own pace.


Cover of Linda Tellington Jones' Ultimate book

Reference Material

You will need the following to complete the Distant Learning modules




Tellington equipment is recommended but optional for people learning for their own development.


If you intend to become a practitioner, it will be necessary to demonstrate competence with the Tellington equipment and therefore you will need to purchase the following items for practice and use in video submissions.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is this program for?
* This program is for newcomers, novice, as well as the experienced TTouch Practitioner.


What if I have already taken a TTouch Training, will I learn anything new?
* Yes, you will learn the most current, up to date techniques, specific to horses.


Does this program count to be updated as a Tellington TTouch Horse Practitioner?
* Yes! Receive credit towards an update or towards your TTouch Associate status!


Can I use the Tellington TTouch Method in my current profession?
* Yes! We encourage sharing Tellington TTouch.  After just one class, most people begin applying what they have learned for their own animals and with any others they come into contact with.



  • 7 LIVE Online Lectures in a varied format of lectures, videos, diagrams, discussion and more.


  • Downloadable course materials,handouts, resources, and readings to support your learning experience.


  • Exercises


  • Class recordings can be viewed at your own pace.


  • Exclusive access to a private Tellington TTouch for Horses group sharing forum online in between classes. A place for you to receive feedback, support, swap ideas, connect, share progress, and more.


  • Lifetime access to the Tellington TTouch for Horses- online course materials.





Course Format:


  • Seven webinar lectures
  • Engage in class discussions
  • Opportunities for your questions to be answered
  • Materials, handouts, and videos you can use to enhance your learning
  • Suggested resources
  • Practice methods as you watch
  • Keys to integrating TTouch with your daily horsemanship
  • Group support through the private online group
  • Credit towards becoming a Tellington TTouch Associate or as an update for Practitioners.
  • Feedback on your own TTouch skills




This Program is for Everyone Searching for integrative SOLUTIONS to Help their animals:



  • Tellington TTouch Practitioners Horses.
  • Those who’ve previously had an introduction to Tellington TTouch with animals, or people.
  • People who are totally new to Tellington TTouch.
  • Trainers or Riding Instructors
  • Veterinarians and Vet Techs
  • Animal bodyworkers of various modalities
  • Grooms
  • Individuals working with rescue horses
  • Those working with therapy horses
  • Anyone who wants to have a deeper connection with their horse


“Change your mind, change your animal”

Learn more!


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