Working in groups is part of the tellington ttouch with dogs


The Tellington TTouch Method is a gentle, hands-on approach that improves well-being, behaviour, cooperation and the relationship people have with animals. It includes the use of a specialized form of bodywork, specific types of equipment and creative movement exercises that are easy to learn and used with all types of animals.


Most importantly, the Tellington TTouch Method facilitates trust and enhanced communication between humans and animals.  TTouch can be integrated into daily life to increase confidence, reduce stress, improve focus and enhance well-being, making TTouch perfect for busy people!


These techniques are easy to learn and provide many solutions to common concerns by recognizing each animal and person as unique individuals.  Rather than a set protocol for particular issues, the Tellington TTouch Method offers creative solutions customized to each situation.


These Distance Learning Modules have been created to provide a strong foundation in the Tellington TTouch Method. This is also an excellent opportunity to provide alternative learning options for people who are unable to attend clinics or workshops.



Choose from three learning options:


  • Practitioner Certification – for those wishing to become Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioners


  • Personal Learning – for those interested in learning Tellington TTouch for the benefit their own animals


  • Associate Tracks – for animal professionals interested in adding Tellington TTouch to their work



The Practitioner Certification track is the distance learning option that can be used in conjunction with our current Tellington TTouch Practitioner Program.

Currently there are thousands of Practitioners in over 35 countries worldwide.  This Distance Learning, Online, module allows for a reduced number of hands on hours for certification with feedback, support, and instruction regardless of location.


To be Certified as a Practitioner via the Online Learning Track you will need to complete:


• 13 Online Learning Modules (6 if your specialty is non-canine companion animals)
• 12 cumulative days of hands on instruction* (previous experience can count) from an approved teacher
• 15 Case Studies
• Video Evaluation submissions
• Written assessment questions and course quizzes.


With the non-linear, layered, and kinesthetic learning model the PC track does require* some hands-on instruction.

The full PC Practitioner option requires attendance at 12 days (minimum)* of hands-on training with an approved Instructor.

Once the student has completed the requisite course work and hands-on hours, the student will be required to submit video case studies and examples to demonstrate a satisfactory skill level.


Certification at the completion of the course is contingent on the evaluation of the coursework, videos, and overall skill level.


*Special consideration can be made for those in remote areas or countries without scheduled trainings

Requirements must be completed within 2 years.  Final Certification is skill based.  Completion of the requirements does not guarantee certification.

If you have previously attended a Clinic or Workshop with Robyn Hood or another qualified person, it may be classed as a Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). Robyn will assess RPL on a case by case basis.

In addition to completing the above requirement you must be able to demonstrate a basic competency in skills and be able to guide a person one-on-one.



The Personal Learning Track is suitable for those:


  • who do not want to be Practitioner at this stage (can count towards PC retroactively)
  • for individuals who are interested in learning the work for to benefit their own animals in a detailed way
  • those who simply want a structured learning program for your own development


A variety online course options can be purchased in sections and studied at your own pace.

This track does not include evaluation or course work feedback.

Completion of the PL track does not permit you to use of the trademarked logo or to describe yourself as a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner.  If you start on the Personal Interest track and decide that you would like to pursue the Professional Certification, you may contact the office and change tracks.



The Associate Track is available to those who are looking for a basic level of TTouch knowledge to incorporate into their current skill set.

*This certification option is being offered as a Pilot Program as an adaptation to meet the current needs of Covid-19 related rules and restrictions.  It may not be offered indefinitely.

The Associate Track is available to those who are looking for a good level of TTouch knowledge to incorporate into their current skill set.   Professionals already working in their industry (eg. Dog or Horse Trainers, Vet techs, Shelter Workers, Groomers, Instructors) who simply want some new tools for their existing practice may choose the TTouch Associate Program, which requires a lesser time commitment.

A TTouch Associate may not teach workshops or group, but is permitted to work with clients and advertise that they incorporate TTouch principles/techniques into what they do.

Being listed as an Associate does not allow you to specifically teach the Tellington TTouch Method on its own.

Professionals already working in their industry (eg. Dog Trainers, Vet techs, Groomers, Bodyworkers, Behaviourists, Shelter Workers, Dog walkers etc) who simply want some new tools for their existing practice may choose the TTouch Associate Program, which requires a lesser time commitment than full Practitioner Certification.


The TTouch Associate program is broken into 2 tracks – one for those primarily interested in the philosophy and bodywork side (groomers, bodyworkers, vet techs etc.) and those who want a broader scope of information (trainers, behaviorists, instructors etc.).


The “Well-Being” Associate Track is appropriate for:

  • Groomers
  • Vet Techs
  • Shelter Workers
  • Daycare Workers
  • Dog walkers
  • Canine Body Workers



The “Trainer” Associate Track is suitable for:

  • Dog Trainers
  • Behaviourists


Achieving certification as TTouch  Associate requires:


  • Attend at least 3 days of hands on training with an approved instructor for the “Well-Being Track”, 5 days for those on the “Trainer Track”.  (Not included in price of online course.)
  •  Submit 6 Case Studies
  • Achieve at least 80% on written/multiple choice evaluation
  • Demonstrate competency of skills in short video submission (to be discussed  with instructor)




Simply completing any of the courses does not guarantee certification for any track.  Certification is subject to the student displaying a satisfactory level of competency.


In many cases, hands-on hours or video submissions will be required to achieve certification.




Enroll NOW




The Practitioner Track Online Learning Course includes: 



• 13 Full Units of Learning – including hours of video, powerpoints, and lectures, primarily never before seen content.

• 100 page course manual AND PDF version of “All Wrapped Up: For Pets” by Robyn Hood & Mandy Pretty

• LIVE interactive sessions for questions, discussion, and feedback after each module.

• Video Assignments

• Study questions

• Case Studies

• Exercises

• Email and video feedback

• Private Facebook Group Discussion Page

A 100 page course Manual, articles and videos will be supplied as part of the program.


The resident Pomeranian at Tellington TTouch Canada


Required Reference Material

You will need the following to complete the Distant Learning modules


Telington TTouch for your dog set dvd, book, and flashcards.A beautiful white and tan Saluki dog stands on grass wearing a royal blue Tellington TTouch Harmony Harness.Tellington TTouch Bodywraps for pets








If you intend to become a Certified Practitioner, it will be necessary to demonstrate competence with the Tellington TTouch equipment and therefore you will need to purchase the following items for practice and use in video submissions.


  • Body wraps
  • Double ended leash (available in our store but you can improvise if you already own one)


Elastic bandages are used to gently lift a dog's leg to release the shoulder.



Who is this program for?

* This program is for anyone who wants to positively work with dogs, and other companion animals!  It is suitable for newcomers, novices, as well as experienced TTouch Practitioners who would like to update.


What if I have already taken a Tellington TTouch Training, will I learn anything new?

* Yes, you will learn the most current, up to date techniques.


Does this program count to be updated as a Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner?

* Yes! Receive credit towards updating your Practitioner Certificate.


Can I use the Tellington TTouch Method in my current profession?

* Yes! We encourage sharing Tellington TTouch.  After just one class, most people begin applying what they have learned for their own animals and with any others they come into contact with.


What if I am focused on cats, bunnies, and other small animals, and do not primarily work with dogs?                                                                                                                       

*No problem!  With this format you can focus on what you are interested in!  Specialization in Companion Animals rather than a focus on dogs requires completion of Modules 1-5 plus 2 other elective lessons that focus on the species of your choice.



Course Format:

• Webinar lectures
• Class discussions
• Opportunities for your questions to be answered
• Materials, handouts, and videos you can use to enhance your learning
• Suggested resources
• Practice methods as you watch
• Keys to integrating TTouch with your daily activities with your animals.
• Group support through the private online group
• Credit towards becoming a Tellington TTouch Associate or as an update for Practitioners.
• Feedback on your own TTouch skills


This Program is for Everyone Searching for integrative SOLUTIONS to help their animals:


• Tellington TTouch Practitioners
• Bodyworkers of all modalities
• Individuals who have previously had an introduction to the Tellington TTouch with animals, or people.
• People who are totally new to the Tellington TTouch.
• Trainers or behaviourists
• Veterinarians and Vet Techs
• Groomers
• Individuals working with rescues or shelters
• Daycare or kennel owners/workers
• Dogwalkers
• Anyone who wants to have a deeper connection with their dog




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