Have you always wanted to learn the Tellington TTouch Method but cannot commit the travel time to attend a training in person?  Now you can learn this revolutionary method from the comfort of home, at your own speed, with your own animals.


The Tellington TTouch Method has been transforming the lives of animals, and their people, for over four decades – here’s your chance to discover the “power of TTouch” for yourself.


Whether your interest lies in horses, dogs, cats, other companion animals, or with people, we are committed to providing quality, educational content for our students, regardless of location.


Robyn Hood uses a TTouch neck release on her Icelandic horse


As our online learning library develops, we will be offering three distinct tracks of learning – Personal Interest (PI)  and Professional Certification (PC) as well as the Associate Tracks.



The Personal Interest track is suitable for individuals who are interested in learning the work for to benefit their own animals.  This track does not include evaluation or course work feedback.


Linda Tellington Jones teaches orphans in Soweto how to do ttouch heart hugs


Completion does not permit you to use of the trademarked logo or to describe yourself as a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner.  If you start on the Personal Interest track and decide that you would like to pursue the Professional Certification, you may contact the office and change tracks.


The Professional Certification track is geared towards professionals currently working in an animal field; trainer, groom, vet tech, groomer, behaviourist, shelter work, instructor etc, who would like to incorporate the Tellington TTouch Method into their practice but cannot attend the number of hands on trainings typically required for certification.


Kathy Cascade does TTouch on a dog

With the non-linear, layered, and kinesthetic learning model the PC track does require some hands on instruction.



The current traditional Practitioner program requires attendance at  six, 5 or 6 day hands-on workshops plus case studies.


The pilot PC program will consist of lecture webinars, unit projects in the form of written questions, case studies,  and video evaluation.


The full Practitioner option  requires attendance at 12 days (minimum) of hands-on training with an approved Instructor.


Once the student has completed the requisite course work and hands-on hours, the student will be required to submit video case studies and examples to demonstrate a satisfactory skill level.


Certification at the completion of the course is contingent on the evaluation of the coursework, videos, and overall skill level.


The Associate Track is available to those who are looking for a basic level of TTouch knowledge to incorporate into their current skill set.   Professionals already working in their industry (eg. Dog or Horse Trainers, Vet techs, Shelter Workers, Groomers, Instructors) who simply want some new tools for their existing practice may choose the TTouch Associate Program, which requires a lesser time commitment.


A TTouch Associate may not teach workshops or group, but is permitted to work with clients and advertise that they incorporate TTouch principles/techniques into what they do.


The TTouch Associate program is broken into 2 tracks – one for those primarily interested in the philosophy and bodywork side (groomers, bodyworkers, vet techs etc.) and those who want a broader scope of information (trainers, behaviorists, instructors etc.)


Being listed as an Associate does not allow you to specifically teach the Tellington TTouch Method on its own.



Simply completing any of the courses does not guarantee certification for any track.  Certification is subject to the student displaying a satisfactory level of competency.


In many cases, more hands-on hours or video submissions will be required to achieve certification.




  We are pleased to offer Tellington TTouch Online Courses (with available credit towards certification or for your own learning) for Dogs, Horses, Cats, and People.


Learn More about the Tellington TTouch for Dogs – Online Course



Learn More about the Tellington TTouch for Cats – Online Course


Learn More about the Tellington TTouch for Horses – Online Course


TTOuch for you immersion course

Learn More about the  TTouch for You – Online Immersion Course

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