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All of our horses are purebred, registered (with Canadian or US Registries), Icelandic horses.  Over the past 4 decades we have sold, literally, hundreds of Icelandic horses around the continent, and world.  Now we are winding down our breeding and sales operation to focus on clinics, lessons, and our overall personal enjoyment of these wonderful horses.  Learn more about our farm and our annual clinic schedule.


Stjarni fra Kozmeniuk  – Chestnut gelding with star, born 2007

Stjarni icelandic horse gelding for sale

Stjarni is a sweet, solid, 13.3hh tall gelding who loves to please.  Stjarni has extensive trail miles and arena schooling.  He is safe and has good brakes and a sensitive but sensible mind.  Stjarni does appreciate confidence from his rider so he would be ideal for a balanced, intermediate rider even though he has safely carried more beginner riders and could so occasionally.  Stjarni is a very solid feeling gelding who is 5 gaited, though not trained in flying pace.  He has big, loose movement in trot and canter and is developing more and more speed in his toelt.

Stjarni is always one of the first to greet you at the gait and would thrive with clicker or trick training.  He trailers and ties well and is very polite with the farrier.  He can be ridden bitless or with a snaffle.  Stjarni happily leads or follows on the trail and has crossed bridges and water.

The most important thing for Stjarni’s current owner is that he goes to the perfect home with a suitable rider.  We all love riding Stjarni here at the farm and he just as happily follows the pack, on the buckle, or bravely leads through the bush.  He is appropriate in the herd and gets along well with other horses.

Asking price: SOLD


Tyr from Big Bear Ranch  – Chestnut gelding born 2005

   Tyr is a solid citizen with a charming personality and honest, reliable temperament.   Stocky and well built, Tyr feels larger than his 13.1 hands.  Tyr is very familiar with mountain and trail riding and enjoys the water, navigates logs and dead fall with ease and is calm around traffic and dogs.

Tyr would be happiest living with other geldings where he can socialize and wrestle.  He is 5 gaited but not trained in flying pace.  Tyr generally chooses trot, which is quite comfortable, but toelts if you collect him and ask for some energy.  Tyr happily leads or follows on the trail and is very independent of the other horses.  He does not have a lot of experience riding out alone but he seems like he would happily do so.    In the arena he is pleasantly responsive and willing to work.

On the ground Tyr is easy to handle and friendly.  He would love to learn tricks and do fun things as well.  He is  the kind of horse you can jump on bareback and traipse around with a neck rope or halter.  Tyr is looking for the perfect trail partner to call his own.

Asking price: Sorry Tyr has been SOLD.




Lifra from River Oak Ranch – Chestnut mare with star born 2010

   Lifra is a sweet, friendly, easy to handle mare with a lot of natural toelt and an extremely smooth trot.

Lifra is a petite mare, 13.0 hh with a stocky, compact build.  She suits a smaller, shorter rider and definitely needs more conditioning and exercise to bring out her “best self”.

On the ground Lifra is well mannered and eager to please, she loves clicker

training and would enjoy learning tricks and doing liberty work.  Lifra is not as eager under saddle.  She does not enjoy arena work but has been very good out on the trail, following others.  She is reasonable and non-reactive but needs more work to have a really solid “go” button.  With one on one conditioning and a smaller rider, Lifra will make a wonderful riding partner.  He price reflects the fact that she is by no means “finished”.  She does not display any dangerous behaviour, she simply lacks pep and motivation under saddle.

Asking price: $4,500 plus gst.

Leiftri from Icelandic Horse Farm – bright bay gelding born 2012

Leiftri a bay icelandic horse gelding for sale.

If you are looking for your future, elegant, sensitive, heart horse, Leiftri may be your guy!  This well proportioned, four-gaited gelding will make a smaller, experienced rider an amazing riding horse for dressage or trail riding.

Leiftri is well-handled, friendly and eager to work.  He has had extensive ground work with plastic, driving, lunging, liberty, clicker, and in hand gymnastics.  He is always one of the first to greet you at the gate and aims to please.   He trailers well and has been hand walked on trails.  Leiftri had consistent work last summer and was brave and curious on the trails and mellow in the arena.

We have taken our time with Leiftri.  He was very sensitive as a foal and his extensive groundwork preparation has helped him become a very thoughtful, curious individual however he will probably  never be a horse who is suitable for a complete beginner.

With consistent, graduated work, Leiftri will become a fantastic horse for someone, he has already been a working student favorite.

Asking price: $5,500 plus gst.


Un-Started Horses


Rođi from Icelandic Horse Farm – Chestnut gelding born 2014

This little tölt machine will make somebody a very fun, little red rocket, in a totally controlled way, of course!  Rođi is a fun loving, friendly guy who chooses a clear tölt to move nearly everywhere he goes!

He has  a solid foundation of groundwork and was a superstar during his first experience at our Starting Your Horse Clinic.  He will easily tölt in hand or while ground driving and seems to enjoy working.  Rođi ties and trailers well and is good to be trimmed, groomed and dewormed.  He has been introduced to the saddle and plastic and takes everything in stride.

If you are a smaller rider looking for your future fun, friendly, and five (probably though he is not at all pacey) gaited Icelandic partner, here is your chance.

Asking price: SOLD

We currently have a select few horses available for sale.  Our number one priority is that they go to great homes, where horse and rider are well matched and suited.  If you have any questions, or are curious about one of our unlisted horses, please email Mandy below:

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