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Treat Yourself in 2020!

  The horses are hairy and the snow has arrived but we are most definitely looking forward to our summer season! If you have ever wanted to learn about our forward thinking, positive, and effective Read more…


Giraffe Calf Training with the Tellington TTouch

Using a Fusion of Operant Conditioning and TTEAM to Train Giraffe Calves *Note that TTEAM has now been incorporated under the wider term of “Tellington TTouch Method”. Amy Phelps: Keeper II, Primary Keeper African Veldt Read more…


Tellington TTouch at The Icelandic Horse Farm

The Icelandic Horse Farm is Robyn Hood’s home base and headquarters for Tellington TTouch Training Canada.  Sitting atop 5 picturesque acres, the farm enjoys spectacular views and is home to many friendly animals.   Horse Read more…