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Two handlers stand on either side of an Akita dog with a sliding line through the top harness ring.What if you never had to show your animal “who’s boss” or “be the Alpha”to achieve Communication and Harmony?

For over forty years the Tellington TTouch Method has offered animal lovers and professionals alike; a positive, gentle and effective way to solve behavioural issues, enhance performance, and improve communication and relationships between humans and animals.  Look beyond behaviour and help your animal become their best selves though a series of unique bodywork, groundwork and functional exercises that helps create physical balance through good posture, relaxation and overall enhancement of trust.

This method has been used worldwide and is recommended by countless veterinarians, trainers, rescue societies, and Olympians, as well as thousands of animal owners.




What We Offer:

A dapple grey horse jumps with a Liberty Lariat neck ring





If you are interested in attending a training, please check our schedule of Upcoming Events for horses and dogs.

  You can also look for a Practitioner in your area. If you would like to learn more about the Tellington TTouch Method, check out our selection of books and videos at the Online Store. We hope you enjoy your visit to the site and if you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know!


Life Changing

Our workshops will change your life, and the lives of the animals around you.
Carol Guthrie

Carol Guthrie

"Well the 2 days I attended the TTouch workshop is truly one of the most amazing things I have taken part in. Everyone should attend this workshop before they acquire a pet."

Andrea Skinner

Andrea Skinner

"As I describe my experience at the farm to my friends and family, I keep returning to your integrity as teachers. What you believe in for the horses—using respectful, rather than forceful, energy—you apply in your work with people, and as a result you provide one of the best learning environments I’ve found myself in! Rather than dwelling on things being problems, or right or wrong, you gave us positive options for gaining a horse’s trust and cooperation."

Dom Hewat

Dom Hewat

"Robyn, thank you once more for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and skill during the workshop. Your ability to continue to adapt the techniques and approaches for each creature involved to find something that works is admirable. And I very much appreciate your understanding of my ability to be able to work with my strengths so that I can continue to participate in the experience. I look forward to continuing my TTouch journey with all the learning along the way. "

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